A'JOURNEY Photo: Mr. Alastair Nicol

Photo: Mr. Alastair Nicol

I have been a fan for many many years of the talent and the ability to create a vision and the determination to maintain the DNA of the idea as Ms. Malene Birger have done with all her design vision and now it is time not to buckle up, mut elegantly sit done in a beautiful classic sports car, but on your silk scarf and your oversized tortoiseshell sunglasses and take a journey in just the right pace, not to fast to miss the sights but just the right speed to enjoy all the wonders of the world. The first collection from A’Journey London will come out in May the collections are on time for the moment and just the perfect sized to have everything a women wardrobe needs. I can’t wait to see what journeys Ms. Malene Birger will bring us on this time.