Fireworks Photo: Mr. Joseph Pickard

Photo: Mr. Joseph Pickard

It is time to look back and plan ahead, for many this day and evening has to be the party of the year – for me the last couple of years, I would have been happy to go to bed the 30. December and wake-up the 1. January ready for a new year, but it seams like my luck is changing, to early to tell why – but I have not been so positive for the coming of a new year for very long.

2016 has been a tough learning curve for me, I even got some help. It has been imported for me to learn to be loyal to the person that I am and I have decide that even-do it is not always the easy way to give and put others before yourself personal and professional, that is who I am, and I will not change that because it is sometimes a misused and misunderstood and seen as weak, but I will now be more aware when my boundaries have been overstepped and say no when it is truly necessary. This have made me more insightful and strong and gained me respect.

I have only one small resolutions for 2017, because their are some many other interesting projects on the way for Boozt and me as a person. I had a tough time learning to write and read, but when I finally learned in fifth grade – I became a bookworm of the finest breeding and I what that back, so my very small promise to my self is that I will read minium 10 pages of the book on my nightstand every day in 2017.

2017 already have two of my favourite parties planned with me as a guest and I can’t wait for two stunning weddings in Copenhagen in the late Summer and in Mexico in October, somehow this is a type of party the always lives to it’s potential and for both I will do my share.

I wish you a stunning and truly amazing 2017 and remember that tolerance and respect will make the world a better place for all of us, sadly more true then ever.

Happy New Years…