Galop d'Hermés Photo: Hermés

Galop d’Hermés
Photo: Hermés

Fragrance has become an imported part of our identity and for me i don’t shop around I change for the first time for more the 10 years to a new scent last year Dries van Noten for Fredric Malle. On my visit to New York Fashion week last week I also did some store checking and was introduce to a few fragrance I will introduce to you over the coming week.

Their is a trend in luxury scent growning in the marked some customers are ready to have a more personal scent that work with their personal scent and create it’s on personality and let the person wearing it have their own scent it is therefore very imported to try them on and let them settle on your skin.

Galop d’Hermés is a fine dance of rose and leather notes or between masculine and feminine notes.