Danish Style Award 2017 Photo: @karmameju_mette_s

Danish Style Award 2017
Photo: @karmameju_mette_s

I say it a lot I know, but I feel very privileged to have so many gifted and talented people in my life and yesterday Danish Elle got it right by nominating and honouring some of them with their Style Award on what most have been an amazing evening:

by Malene Birger – Brand of The Year
Mr. Ole Yde, Yde Copenhagen – Designer of The Year
Ms. Sine Ginsborg – Make-Up Artist of The Year
Mr. Henrik Bülow – Beauty and Fashion Photografer of The Year
Ms. Lotte Freddie – Fashion Facilitator of The Year
Ms. Marlene Juhl Jørgensen – Jewellery Designer of The Year
Ms. Pernille Teisbæk – Style Icon of The Year
Ms. Kathrine Agger – Stylist of The Year

and finally

Ms. Signe Vilstrup the Elle Award

Take a bow you are all part of making this an stunning business.