44 Image: Mr. Staalsø

Image: Mr. Staalsø

44 years most likely lived about haft my life, am I where I hoped to be – maybe not, but live have the tendency to trow us curved bolds and then it is up to us to make the best of it. If you had asked med 20 years ago what I would be grateful for when I turned 44 I don’t thing I would have had more the a couple right. I would not have been able to image what interesting turns my career would have brought to me now working with the greatest teams building the fastest growning fashion e-commercer in the Nordics, having colleagues from more the 24 countries. Living in the center of Copenhagen I would have hoped for alone maybe not, but being able to walk to the Royal Theatre to the same season seats I had then – WOW. Having a bonus son turning 18 this Summer, I would never have guessed but – what a cool young men I have helped grow up. Being able to do what I what nearly when I what to, is also a great privilege and with the people I care about – Amazing.

What will the next 20 years bring more curved bolds, hopefully I will handle them even better at least I have taken the time to learn from the first 44 years in life and I hope that what I learn will make me a even better person and even-do it will change me, I hope most of the people I have in my life will stay.

My greatest lesson the next year will be even-do I am able to bend to like crazy to keep everyone satisfied, I have to stop way before I break – it is okay to put your own needs and yourself first ones in a while.