The final of the Yde AW16 show Photo: Moos Studio

The final of the Yde AW16 show
Photo: Moos Studio

Home after tree amazing days in Paris a bit rainy but very inspiring. The last of the AW16 fashion weeks that has relevance for Boozt is Paris and it is also a possibility for great store checking. A full day at the fair Tranoï a fair full of diversity and it makes it very easy to see what will suit the Nordic markeds right away and also what will never be more the niche in our market. But a great sense of the global fashion scene dressing up or getting more well dressed, mixing lasting pisces with faster styles are becoming more important. Then a day of showrooms buying and meeting partners with our to buyers Ms. Baekmark and Ms. Island doing their magic with turning international collections well suited for the Nordics. The last day was spend working looking out into the pouring rain unto it was time for a show and store checking a small and cozy birthday dinner for a stunning lady.

Two things that really stand out from the visit in Paris and two small projects with totally different funding. Mr. Arnault have made it a personal project to relaunch the classic luggage company Moynat founded in 1849 and reopened in 2011 with a flagship store on 348 Saint Honoré, the service, the wrapping, the receipt and off cause the product a “new” luxury brand in the making and that is not the only brand in the making showing for more then 2 years in Paris now Yde is not only a Danish brand but a Danish brand fighting to make it on the international scene, showing the AW16 collection inspired by Shanghai in the 20’s and 30’s at the Palais de Tokyo supported by the buyers, the Danish press, the Danish Ambassador in France Ms. Malling Biering and all-time favourite actress Ms. Hillingsø, it is a brand to watch it might not be for every women’s bank account but it if for sure in every women’s dream wardrobe.

348 Saint Honoré Moynat Flagship Photo: Moynat

348 Saint Honoré Moynat Flagship
Photo: Moynat