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I am getting ready to leave for this years New Years Eve party, when I look out it seems that everyone are getting ready for whatever they have planed for the evening – a grand party, a cosy dinner or a evening in solitude, just the right thing for them this year.

If we look back on the year on the year stared quite fine, but during the summer and the fall I got quite silent – I felled that I was repeating my self over and over again, but then I meet with a new partner of Boozt that also writes and she said that with would I do I should keep on, she would love to read what I wrote. So I started again with the Wish List for 2015, I have decide that you also will get a daily inspiration briefly up-dates on what got me that day, I will keep the Friday Music so you can get an idea of my soundtrack and I will try to get back to write more detailed stories from my private and work life again.

On that note I put down some New Years resolutions last year and I believe I did quite well. So what better way to stick to new ones by sharing them with you. I have tried to do small changes to my behaviour and been really hard on myself when I have felled, so one thing I have realisted that I will have a hard time to change is my urge to please and make sure that everyone are doing great, it has been very bad for me at points in my life for I have then forgot to remember to take care of myself – so instead of changing the urge I will promise to take better care of me and remember to said no once in a while.

This fall I realisted something, we all know deep down in quite the hard way, we will not live forever. So I promise that things that I can do for myself I will do right away and not postpone even the things that will be a bit hard. In the words of Mr. Benjamin Mee: “You know, all you need is twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you something great will come of it.” So this will be my mantra for 2016.

I wish you a stunning and truly amazing 2016 and remember that tolerance and respect will make the world a better place for all of us.

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