Cafe Wilder Image: Cafe Wilder

Cafe Wilder
Image: Cafe Wilder

It is time to keep my promise to you and return a favor to Mr. Antonsson for making a amazing Summer Sunday in Stockholm for us. He has this spring become a parttime Christianshavner and staying in this fantastic “village” in the middle of Copenhagen a few nights a week. If we start with what is were close to Mr. Antonsson it is Copenhagen Steet Food it has since it opened last year become a favorite spot for locals and it have amazing evening sun and street food from allover the world, it can be a bit crowed.

One place that manage it all it Cafe Wilder one of the oldest cafe on Christianshavn, the have a amazing ala carte brunch, a god mix of salats and a modern take on the classic Danish “smørrebrød” a open sandwich on dark bread a small but good evening menu an well selected wine menu, super service minded staf and very friendly.

Sweet & Treat Photo: Mr. Staalsø

Sweet & Treat
Photo: Mr. Staalsø

If I am alone I just love to go to Sweet & Treat for my “brunch with me” sundays by myself or a quick lunch with amazing smørrebrød and super coffee I also some time use it for for meeting up with friends and partners you can’t talk of state secrets, but it is super cosy and price/service friendly.

Sankt Annæ 8 Photo:

Sankt Annæ 8

When lettering go of control of just in the need of a good glass of wine stop at Sankt Annæ 8 letting go of control is mainly because you eat the dise of the day or charcuterie or find somewhere else. Not them most comfy seats but amazing staf and food a bit heavy in the Summer – but for this classic rainy Summer we had it is fine.

Bådudlejningen Photo: Mr. Staalsø

Photo: Mr. Staalsø

A place that I haven’t visit this Summer is Bådudlejning the weather havn’t been with this amazing place this Summer you sit on a ponton in the canal with a view to all the boats passing by and the water and the people crossing on the street of Torvegade. The have concerts during the whole Summer and the clue of the season is the Sankt Hans evening event with set menu and live music celbrating Midsummer. In december they build a little house and you can buy Christmas trees and have the classic Danish Christmas snack “gløgg og æbleskiver” mulled wine and small cakes made of a dough similar to pancake dough but round like an apple.

Spisehuset 56° Photo:

Spisehuset 56°

For more fin dinning you can go to Spisehuset 56° placed in Charlotte Amalies Bastion a old ammunition warehouse from 1744 part of Christianshavns fortification now a restaurant with focus on the Nordic kitchen very cosy in the fall and winter. When on fin dinning I have to of course mention Noma the world renowned restaurant, Era Ora the only Italian restaurant in the Nordic to hold a michelin star, Restaurant Kanalen located next to the canal and half way to the Opera House and last but not lest Christianshavn own small bite of the small Danish island Bornholm Kadeau.

The secret Baroque garden Photo: Mr. Staalsø

The secret Baroque garden
Photo: Mr. Staalsø

And finally to amazing takeaway places Cafe Spicey Kitchen for Indian food and WOK for Thai. Then a small challenge if you take a walk in Strandgade and dare to check the gates to the old merchant house you will find this small amazing Baroque garden behind one of the them.