The interlocking C’s Image: Chanel

The interlocking C’s
Image: Chanel

This past week has been the celebration of craftsmanship and tailoring and one of the reasons that I am doing what I am as a profession the Haute Couture week, dressing less then 200 customers in the world it is the piller of what inspire fashion jet again. I a world of fast moving fashion it is amazing to look a garments that most likely will retire in museum or a private collection preserved for its combination of hundred of craftsmanship hours and endless beauty.

One of the Houses doing an extra effort to preserve the uniqueness of Couture are Chanel over the years the have acquired more the 10 artisan manufacturers, for example Barrie Knitwear making cashmere, embroidery firm Montex, the embroider Maison Lesage, gold and silversmith Goossens, shoemaker Massaro, hat maker Maison Michel, feather house Lemarié, button specialist Desrues, flower house Guillet and glove makers Causse, all of them continue to supply both Chanel and its fellow Couture houses.

The Chanel Couture collection is also very fascinating as they present a full wardrobe collection and wearable not only red carpet gowns and fantasy styles, but everyday wear though not for everybody – this is true luxury and always an inspiration.


Chanel’s Paris in 5 numbers:

The Grand Palais turned into an Casino with Chanel muses gambling away in couture outfits made for and inspired by them.

The Couture AW15/16 story: