Relationships Image: Mr. Staalsø

Image: Mr. Staalsø

During a cosy dinner this weekend an interesting question stuck in my head; Are relationships dead? In the western civilization it is only necessary for us to be together with a partner is to reproduce. We are so self-sufficient that we can go trough life alone. But is that, what we really what even when we say it out loud.

Is it not a bigger and prouder investment in our life and society to be together in a partnership with the rules and boundaries we set as partners. Where will we be in a couple of decades if we – as a norm will be alone, what will it do to our capability to interact in general, to compromise and show empathy. Will we turn into self-sufficient egoists?

I believe that we need a safe base and a confidant, the important thing is to set the ground rules and be willing to take the risk of it not lasting forever. Now when it is not a necessity it is also a powerful statement – we have made this decision and will do what it takes.

The ideal relationship is defined by the partners and what works for them. The roles will adjust over time and evolve adjusting to a perfect duet.

Will we get hurt? Yes, sometimes but isn’t the gain far bigger. So what is the ideal partner the reflexion of your self or the opposite. That depends on what you need some have to have their own reflexion to feel stronger and recognised other needs to be challenged and appreciated for their differences.