Grey women cross body bag by Bottega Veneta Photo: Bottega Veneta

Grey woven cross body bag by Bottega Veneta
Photo: Bottega Veneta

About three years ago I decided to do a change in my wardrobe, after more then twenty years in the industry and having to meet many people everyday expecting me to dress a certain way. I changed my wardrobe to be more uniformed, I always wear a white poplin shirt preferly with some stretch and in the fall and winter season navy or grey wool trousers in the spring and summer replaced by chinos in beige or navy. Off-course I have my tuxedo and pairs of shorts for those special occasions and warm days – and I still have some jeans.

It has been quite liberating and strangely enough for some it takes a while for them to realize, others are quick and get the point.

I am so comfortable with this concept, that I will try this year to strengthen it even more and try to find the perfect white model in shirt and the pair of trousers and stick with one color.

Having this concept for my wardrobe gives me the opportunity to invest in amazing accessories. I have a few favorite brands and the other week while attending the MICAM fair for Boozt with my amazing colleague Ms. Durhuus Daugberg our Fast Fashion and Men’s and Women’s shoe Buyer we stopped by Bottega Veneta. I have long been looking for a bag just to have my wallet, sunglass and keys when going out and about in my spear time. So I got this amazing grey woven cross bag and I can’t wait to slip into these black woven slippers on a hot sunny day or spice up my classic tux. If in Milan remember to stop by one of the stores – via Monte Napoleone 5 and the newly opened flagship in via Sant’Andrea 15 design with the personal envolmemt from Mr. Tomas Maier in a totally new look for the 750 m2 with a small indoor fountain, private garden and staffed with 40 heads.

Black woven calf slipper Photo: Bottega Veneta

Black woven calf slipper
Photo: Bottega Veneta


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    […] of my amazing colleagues as a comment to my choice of wardrobe – I guess. As I have mentioned before keeping a simple wardrobe has become essential for me, it makes dressing very easy as I always know […]



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