Christianshavn Postcard: Mr. Martin Schwartz

Postcard: Mr. Martin Schwartz

It has been a while since I have introduced you to some of the great people that surrounds me. I a few moths I it is three years since I moved to Christianshavn, it is a small part of the inner city of Copenhagen. For me it is a small village and as I had to move it was perfect first of all it is close to everything but it has it own very local vibe.

If we start by “Christians Kirke” Christian Church we have the amazing family Bjerre Bruun and Bellagamba, this lovely little Danish Italian family is my little Italy on Christianshavn everything is very relaxed they call or I call a we have some classic Italian dishes made by Mr. Bellagamba who is a fantastic cook and he also plays a beautiful guitar while singing classic Italian folksongs or some Jazz on weekends you can be lucky to hear him and friends playing in the Meatpacking area at Mother an Italian restaurant, he keeps to the creative side on his daytime job as a Software Developer for Sitecore. You have meet his lovely wife Ms. Bjerre Bruun here before, she is part of the Art Club and we are always walking around ramparts of Christianhavn talking about the world, if we are not checking out the Copenhagen fashion and lifestyle stores for the latest trends. I hire Ms. Bjerre Bruun when I worked in Danish department store Magasin du Nord for the design studio doing their private label, she is now working as a Designer for Danish by Malene Birger one of my favourite women wear brands I am so proud of her and you can of course find the brand on Boozt. Last but not least the final member of the family is the Italian prima ballerina of Christianshavn the four year old Ms. Bruun Bellagamba this amazing girl is sure to save the day with her happy smil and a ballet performance and if we can have some gelato (ice cream) it is a great day.

On the other corner of the Church garden we have Ms. Romvig and Mr. Hansen this is the please to go for a quite night with enlighten advis from the wise Mr. Hansen he can alway calm you down and make sure you take the safe deciding and the Ms. Romvig gives it a little edge. Mr. Hansen works with robots that can fix oil rigs and travel the world. Ms. Romvig is always up for long talks of life and some times we add a little fashion and art into the conversion, she works as Design Manager for iconic Danish brand InWear one of the pioners in bringing commercial fashion to the world and that we also carry on Boozt. I love spending time with this amazing couple we can just be quite together and if we want to dance to the sun comes out.

Then we cross the main street of Christianshavn Torvegade the is my side of the block and here we have the Mr. Yde and Mr. Assefi in their amazing white townhouse, you meet Mr. Yde here before and his out of this world dresses. I have help out when the brand started out photo-shoots and selling the collection at the Ritz in Paris. With them you can always share a bottle of bubbles and dream away to glamours event and decades, finding ways to bring beauty back to the day.

Finally we step a little outside Christianshavn to meet the last members of the village community just one stop with the Metro at Amagerbro you will find the Sabro’s you already hear of them in detail so we take the Metro one stop more to meet the last member of the Art Club Ms. Berliner, she is like the two other ladies a previous colleague now working as a buyer for the Danish leather goods retailer Neye, in the summer we sit around Christianshavn with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine over a discussion of the industry or life in general and the last couple of moths we have become great fans of an evening of HBONordic or NetFlix shows and movies.

So this is my village community and it brings me back to my childhoods neighbourhood with people dropping by our house for a talk, streetparties and open doors – it is fantastic. When the sun is out I promise to take you for a tour of our favourite places.