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About a decade ago two cool women came into my office in Danish department store Magasin du Nord they had a new concept in baby clothes that they would like us to look at – The two women Ms. Katrine Collette and Ms Vigga Svensson had just become mothers and they couldn’t find any clothes that wasn’t soft rose or blue. They came up with the idea for Katvig a retro inspired brand that was a big part in re-boosting the Danish children wholesale market with a new view to dress children. The collection was not quite there at the point but they had a great passion and the brand and collection growth, at as with the change in the idea of dressing and color, they also became strong believers in sustainability. Katvig still is part of the Danish children fashion scene, but with new owners.

Ms. Svensson has always impressed me and she still do, so I was not surprised one day on facebook to find that she had come up with this amazing idea that is very far away from this “Use and throw away culture”, that has been present for some time.But we have for a time seen a tendency for people to invest in better quality in food, furniture and also in their wardrobe at least it is now a mix of more contemporary styles with fast fashion. But off course Ms. Svensson tops it off and for a very relevant period of life – our first year. Her new brand VIGGA, you can subscribe to a kit of sustainable children’s wear 15 pcs. that you pay 50 Euro a month for and after the first month it is increased to 56 pcs. you simply return the garments that is outgrown and a other child will take it over.

VIGGA Collection Photo:

VIGGA Collection

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Ms. Vigga Svensson