Laust played by Mr. Jakob Oftebro Photo: Mr. Per Arnesen

Laust played by Mr. Jakob Oftebro
Photo: Mr. Per Arnesen

I barely see any live television anymore, but the Danish National Channel Danmarks Radio can with their drama shows get me back in front of the television even do I cheated to night and saw the first episode of the new epic 23 million euro historical drama 1864 a story of two brothers and their love Inge and one of the most devastating wars in Danish history.

The first episode in a series is always difficult you want to introduce the plot and the gallery of people that will tell the story, I think that Mr. Ole Borneldal was quite successful to night. The cinematography is amazing tens and strong color scheme and soundtrack that plays it role perfect, the cast is mix of new and well known faces and you can arguing a little to safe.

I look forward to the coming Sundays and a great story even do it is not a 100% historical correct and it also looks like it will try to teach us something of to day with its present day story – I think we can handle it and draw our own conclusions or even get so interested and read more about this war that changed Denmark 150 years ago.