Benjamin and Rasmus ( Adam Lundgren and Adam Pålsson) Photo: Swedish Televion

Benjamin and Rasmus ( Adam Lundgren and Adam Pålsson)
Photo: Swedish Televion

“This is a story about a moment and a place.
Whats told in this story happened.
It toke place here in Stockholm in this City, in these neighborhoods amongst the people who lived their life’s here. In the cities parks, in it cafes, bars, sauna clubs, porn cinemas, hospitals, churches and cemeteries. It was in these streets and in these houses in this City, amongst these people it happened.
What is told in this story happened at the same time allover, but that most be told by others. What is told in this story also happens today, it happens all the time, but also that don’t belong in this story, even do it goes into the present.
To tell is a obligation.
A way to honor, to grieve and to commemorate.
To fight the memories battle against oblivion.”

This is the voiceover that begins the truly amazing miniseries by Mr. Daniel Lind Lagerlöf base on the novel trilogy Don’t Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves by Mr. Jonas Gardell. I saw the the miniseries nearly two year ago, it is moving and a true story of how HIV/AIDS came to Stockholm centered by the young men Rasmus from the small town Koppom and Benjamin a Jehova’s Witness that meets and fall in love, the group of people that surrounds them, coming out and letting go of the fear of being part of a smaller group of society and being proud of that.

This spring the first part of the trilogy Love came in Danish and it has been long since I read a novel that fast and I will have to wait to next year to read the two others Disease and Dead. What toke some time getting used to in the miniseries – the flashbacks works great in the book and brings the story closer together.

I find the story relevant and hope that many will read or see it and know how everything has changes the last 30 years mostly for the better, but still to take care of each other – even do medicine have made it possible to live with the disease it is still an life changer.

The story mentions the few people participated in the first Pride in Stockholm in know that this weeks Pride is quite different and hope that everyone participating take time to pause and appreciate the people that made this week possible and to take care.

You can rent the miniseries on Amazon