The garden and house from seen from the skerries Photo:

The garden and house from seen from the skerries

Last week while working in Stockholm with the Ralph Lauren collections, Mr. Lindeborg and I was invite for dinner after a long day with the different collection. We gave Mr. Björkman and Ms. Barisic their first ride in a Uber car in a amazing Mercedes S class that set the inner child loose in Mr. Björkman, putting our reputation in danger, you have to remember that like you rat the driver when you step out of the car they do the same. But lucking the driver like Mr. Björkman and happy that he liked all the gadgets in the car. We drove out to the inner part of the skerries and meet the rest of the Ralph Lauren team and a Danish clint that also were working in the showroom for two days.

Bockholmen the restaurant the team had taken us to it call the Yellow Villa and was build in the 1800’s as many others in the area as a summerhouse for well off  City people and rumors has it that the Yellow Villa was build by King Oscar II for a mistress. Mr. Lindeborg and I had portermarinated tenderloin, blackened foie gras, onion- and truffle mayonnaise, shiitake and crisp on roasted onion and bacon for starters and for main a grilled entrecôte with baked summer vegetables, roasted garlic butter, truffle, oxtail gravy and french fries  both very tasteful and well prepared and a lovely rose. The service was present and fresh and the setting amazing.

The terrace at Borckholmen by night Photo:

The terrace at Borckholmen by night