The NOMA Spoons Photo: Mr. Staalsø

The NOMA Spoons
Photo: Mr. Staalsø

I always take great pleasure in finding the right gift for the people that are around me, sometimes it coincides with a birthday or Christmas and on other occasions I just see something that is the perfect gift and then no occasion is necessary.

This time I wanted to find a personal gift and something that related to Mr. Graae, he loves taking great detail at setting a dinner table and always find new ways combining tableware and dinning textiles. On Christianshavn a great design studio and workshop Wahl & Ross do many amazing designs amongst other tableware for the wolds best restaurant NOMA. Luckly for me they were allowed to sell the amazing dinner spoons in maple finish of with mineral oil for the deep warm color that showcase the woods vein even more. So the first four spoons sold privately will now leave their maple box and serve at one of Mr. Graae fantastic meals.