Aseop 20, rue Bonapate Photo: birkin_boy

Aseop, 20 rue Bonaparte
Photo: birkin_boy

This story starts more then a decade ago on a business trip to Paris with Danish department store Magasin du Nord and our bag buyer at the time Ms. Mollerup buying the bag collection from Loewe and Celine we stayed at the Hotel Paris Saint Germain, the hotel is located in rue Bonaparte between Boulevard Saint Germain and the Seine it is the near perfect street with a lot of great inspiration and stores. On the street was a new store from Australian skincare brand Aesop – just by looking into the store I knew that this was the start of a new partnership the aesthetics of the interior and the brown contains with their cream labels and black font spoke to me right away and in the afternoon, when we came back from the days meetings we had to go in.

When we entered the store we were offered a cop of herb tea Aesop’s on blend – that you still are not able to buy, but with a little luck might be able to copy. Browsing around the small space, one wall with shelves full with perfectly lined up products, a table for visual presentation, a disk with a sink to service the customers and a brilliant small ladder that disappears when it is not used to access to the storage. The first product that we tried was the Geranium Leaf Duet the perfect hand soap and cream, that I have bought ever since.

Geranium Leaf Duet, hand soap and cream Photo:

Geranium Leaf Duet, hand soap and cream

The company starred in Melbourne in 1987 with the goal to create skincare at its best and only use the best ingredients of the highest quality and proven efficacy, they believe that a good life and great skin not only comes from the right products, but from everything in your life from the diet you eat and drink – the music you hear – the books you read and the people that surrounds you. You will experience it in the amazing cooperations with great local architects when they open a store, their interesting news mails that not only promote their products, but also contains city guides, book tips and so much more – you most sign up.

Aesop Le Marais, 64 Rue Vieille du Temple Photo:

Aesop Le Marais, 64 Rue Vieille du Temple

I am not going to impose my daily skincare routine on you but just present my favorite the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Hydrator it is one of the best moisturizer I ever used and in fall and winter I just add some drops of the Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum and then I am ready for those cold days in the Nordics.

Parsley Seed Hydrator Photo:

Parsley Seed Hydrator

To style up you bathroom with an extra twist Aesop has two products that can help you. Guests are always looking around so why not give them something to fall in love with, we are properly already there with the Geranium Leaf Duet – but then they will the see the Mouthwash it is just asking to be tested and the bottle is perfect for your dish soap after it is used and then the clue Post-Poo Drops do I need to say more – a few drops takes care of any uncomfortable odors, also if your kitchen sink has a hick up and I always put a drop on a piece of tissue in the bottom of my kitchen trash can.

Mouthwash Photo:


Post-Poo Drops Photo:

Post-Poo Drops


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