Surrounded by great and talented people Ms. Dollerup, Mr. Jebro, Mr. Bruun Famme, Mr. Sabro Petersen and Mr. Sabro Jensen this last weekend was spend in the city of Aalborg in North Jutland, this city has turned into a cultural force with “Nordkraft” Center for Culture & Leisure with its theater, cinema and art, “Aalborg Kongres & Kultur Center” and Aalborg Theater with one of the most interesting ensembles in Danish theater right now.

"Vinterrejse" Photo: Lars Horn/Baghuset

Photo: Lars Horn/Baghuset

We started out friday evening with the play “Vinterrejse” by Austrian play writer and Nobel laureate Elfriede Jelinek, to be honest it was a challenge to sit through the one and a half hour – but sometimes it is good not only to be entertained, but also challenged by the fine art of playwriting. We were so lucky to have a private talk about the play with one of the actors Mr. Jebro. “Vinterrejse” is seven pictures taking you through topics that is occupying our society today and it is always hard to get confronted with life and its influence on your self and your on time on this planet. Life, Love, Financial Crisis, Disease and Dead really got our weekend stated.

"Inden for murene" Image: Aalborg Teater

“Inden for murene”
Image: Aalborg Teater

After a cosy day checking out the shopping in Aalborg, we had a night more planed in the theater this time with the more then hundred year old play “Inden for murene” by Henri Nathansen about the Jewish family Levin and the subject of respect for your parents and love outside your class and faith. The struggle is ever-present and the timeless Set and Costume design made you think hard on why we have not gotten any wiser in the last century.

Dessert at Restaurant Mest Image: Restaurant Mest

Dessert at Restaurant Mest
Image: Restaurant Mest

After a more easily digested night in the theater Ms. Dollerup and Mr. Jebro took us out to one of their favorite places in Aalborg the Restaurant Mest for what we some times miss in the great city of Copenhagen fantastic food served with ever-present service but barely noticeable – a most try if you come by.

Cafe Ulla Terkelsen - London Image: Cafe Ulla Terkelsen - London

Cafe Ulla Terkelsen – London
Image: Cafe Ulla Terkelsen – London

Finally after a night on the town in the notorious “Jomfru Ane Gade” the party street of Aalborg, Sunday we had brunch at the cool Cafe Ulla Terkelsen – London name after a famous Danish Journalist and again meet fantastic service from people taking pride in their job.


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