I have been total caught up with the second season of the NetFlix original series House of Cards based on the BBC miniseries of the same name from the 90’s. Every time you think you have Francis Underwood and his chic wife Claire figured out they will throws you another curved ball. Never has manipulated people and the world just below what we see everyday been portrayed so convincing – I just hope that is not half as true, but you never know.

House of Cards, season 2 Image: Netflix

House of Cards, season 2
Image: Netflix

The story is well told and I have finished the second season and are ready for more even do it looks like all fans has to wait to mid 2015 because of delays in the start of the shutting of season 3 do to rumors of a tax tussle with the stat of Maryland. We can just wait and hope for more surprising story lines and well dressed women in fantastic pencil skirts and silk blouses.