Hilma of Klint Image: Louisiana.dk

Hilma of Klint
Image: Louisiana.dk

This spring we have started a small Art Club at Christianshavn, my two dear friends Ms. Berliner and Ms. Bjerre Bruun – we have decided that we have to use and see more on the Danish art scene. Yesterday evening with went to Humlebæk and visited the Museum of Modern Art Louisiana one of me favorite museums placed by the coast overlooking Øresund. We wanted to visit the exhibition of the Swedish artist Hilma of Klint a pioneer of abstraction and a women ahead of here time. I soon saw her relation to anthroposophy in the way she used color and symbols.To be honest I fund her foresight and story very fascinating, but the milky white pastels very hard on my eyes.

We discovered a mixed media piece in the permeant Collection that was amazing “Gleaming Lights of the Souls” from 2008 by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. You step on to a platform surrounded by water and walls and celling covered with mirrors and small light bob floating in the air being reflected everywhere changing color and you are lost in the Souls of Light.