My excel Super Hero Mr. Bruun Famme Super Excel by Caiomm

My Excel Super Hero Mr. Bruun Famme
Super Excel by Caiomm

I am sure that many of you would remembing from in your childhood to have some kind of super hero being it Superman, a Starwars character or Wonder Woman – I didn’t really have on except if you can call Fred Astaire one for his fantastic dancing skills or my Uncle Jørgen for his super cool job as Buyer at Danish department store Magasin du Nord, from the day he brought me to work with him age 10 in knew that I would work their one day.

This brings me to introduce you to one of my Super Hero’s of today Mr. Bruun Famme our Group Merchandising Director at, his fantastic team and he has made some of the best tools for any buyer to use in their daily work of trading and analylizing their merchandise and making them the most well prepared and professorial buyers in the business. I have always had the deeps respect for his skills, but to be honest I am not sure that he has that same way with my skills – but the last year I am quite sure that he have learned the quality of mine. So now I feel like we with the rest of the of our amazing buying merchandising team are setting some millstones in the quite young business of e-tailing.

Personaly Mr. Bruun Famme is a tough nut to crack, but I some times feel lucky enough to see the private person behind the super professorial merchandiser and it is a fun loving and very cultured man, with a very high standard for the people that surrounds him and standard sometimes seems to high – but if you manage to uphold it he will go quite far for you.


9 Responses to “Mr. Bruun Famme”

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    […] and Mr. Sabro Petersen, you meet them before in The Tower and and our culture trip to Aalborg with Mr. Bruun Famme. These two fantastic men are truly what you can wish for in friends, they are always there when you […]


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    […] and I just share a magical moment with two amazing people in New York this Sunday Ms. Mondrup and Mr. Bruun Famme. So if you by chance are in the city that never sleep you most stop by the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre […]



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