Paper flowers by Mr. Graae Photo: Mr. Graae

Paper flowers by Mr. Graae
Photo: Mr. Graae

It is time to add a person more to the Gallery of people that surrounds me and inspire my everyday. This time it is the man that helped me go from young man to adult man. We had some great years together and are now finding the way in to a lifelong friendship.

Mr. Graae is one of the most creative men I know –  If it was a birthsday card, gift wrapping, our private home or in his job as Head of Visual Merchandising & Interior Design at Illums Bolighus you can always find his aesthetic warm and welcoming taste with a touch of Scandinavian minimalism.

We have a big passion for theater, especially ballet and we had one of the greatest nights last weekend in The Danish Royal Theater with the fantastic Manon. We nearly always find inspiration going out together and have a great time often with Mr. Graae’s son Ruldolf that came with a different view to the two workaholics and their shopping, interior, fashion talks.

I am sure that you will meet both Mr. Graae here again.


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  1. Mr. Maalouf | Mr Staalsoe

    […] Last weekend I whet to the cinema to see the fantastic movie Yves Saint Laurent for the second time, this time with Ms. Berliner, Ms. Bjerre Bruun, Mr. Freidal and Mr. Graae. […]



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