Ms. Dollerup at the Reumert awards 2012

Ms. Dollerup at the Reumert awards 2012

I is time to feature another great women and I am proud to say some people you feel you have known forever and that is nearly true with Ms. Dollerup. I meet her the first time more then 20 years ago, she was this charming little girl 5 years performing at a children’s fashion show at the mall where I worked and after meeting me just ones she informed her mother that she now had a mall buddy and we have been friends ever since. The relationship has off course changed from me being the hopefully great adult friend that you could talk to about everything to now being an equable friendship with advice going both ways.

She was a gifted child actress that now is a great actress in her own right performing on stage, in movies and TV-shows latest in Danish National TV TV2’s “Badehotellet” and right now playing at Aalborg Teater in the Danish classic family drama “Indenfor Murene” by Mr. Henri Nathansen as the daughter of in a Jewish family falling in love with a boy from another religion even do the play is from 1912 the theme is ever present.

Ms. Dollerup is one to keep an eye out for and as her friend I am proud of her talent and respect her opinion & value her advice.

Ms. Dollerup as Esther in "Indenfor Murene"  Photo: Aalborg Teater

Ms. Dollerup as Esther in “Indenfor Murene”
Photo: Aalborg Teater


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