In the world of selfies, reality shows and narcissism. I have decided to praise the people that surrounds my everyday by their presences in flesh & blood or that in their being inspires me to be a better person personally and in my professional life.

I have decided to start with a women that has been able to do both and I am proud to call her a friend. I will like to introduce you to Ms. Mondrup.

The first 7 issues

The first 7 issues

She is a world class entrepreneur, running her own agency Tomorrow Management with some of the best photographers, illustrators, hair & make-up, sound designer and stylists with offices in Copenhagen and New York, she travels the world and it at home in many cities getting inspiration for her work and her fantastic magazine Tomorrow’s Journal that I am so proud of being a part of. You will find it in all big newsstands nearly all over the would it is not the biggest magazine, but very independent and gives its contributors the possibility to express themselves.

Now you know a little of Ms. Mondrup and I am sure we will run into her along the way and you will get know her even better.


14 Responses to “People – Ms. Mondrup”

  1. 1. December 2015 | Mr Staalsoe

    […] gift of sharing and I just share a magical moment with two amazing people in New York this Sunday Ms. Mondrup and Mr. Bruun Famme. So if you by chance are in the city that never sleep you most stop by the […]



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